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June 03, 2012


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What about cafepress for new t-shirts? No upfront, no inventory - they're printed on demand and you get a little off the top.


Well, out here in little ol' Texas, kids are still sporting the Hollister t-shirts. So despite the fact that your neck of the woods is so on the leading edge, much of the rest of the country is still stagnating in the 2008 era, waiting for the economy to pick up.

Given that I'll soon be moving to semi-snoburbia, I'd take one of those shirts off your hands, particularly OBX. :)

Queen of the Weezils

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get rid of the t-shirt supply consider donating them. Aside from the usual Goodwill and Salvation Army, consider shelters (women's, homeless, or even animal).

My T-shirt tastes put me so far out of fashion that I'm weirdly in fashion. I wear a lot of old concert and rock band t-shirts. Mine were mostly from attending those concerts and liking those bands when they were popular, 'cause I'm getting on in the years and still play the Judas Priest British Steel album. (Actually, I still have it on vinyl in a box somewhere. Ooooh, that dates me.) Somehow, "vintage" rock shirts have become weirdly acceptable fashion. I can't explain it. It's just not right to see people who weren't even born when Bonham died walking around in a Zeppelin shirt.

 Vlad Beederman

Save the T-shirts. In a few years they'll be collectors items.


Could also try threadless tees, like cafepress, but higher quality shirts and kind of a community feel and you don't have to do your own merchandise.


I'd probably buy a few from the backstock...


Please open a cafepress store! The shirts are so quirky and great, and that way people could still get them.


Nooo! I just re-visited your site after a long hiatus to search for a shirt I know my friend would love, only to find this. Aww.... I loved your shirts! :(

Como Se Llama T-shirt

Interesting article. On your boxes of shirts, you can sell them at low cost to just minimize those shirts and gain profit. Or, donate them. It's up to you. Whatever feels your heart of doing. Keep working on those good ideas man.

Desperate Housedog T-shirt

Sell them. There are a lot of people out there who loves tees. That way it's a win-win situation. You gain (prfoit) and space. Go luck in your designs. Cheers!

Printed t-shirts

Now, it has become much easier to explore your creativity and try creating customized printed t-shirts by making few clicks and see the preview of color and text you are going to render.

Let The Shenanigans Start T-shirt

You can actually make a profit out of it by selling them. Or have your friends sell them for you. Try posting it in some social media sites. I know there are a lot of people out there who loves tee-shirts.

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