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April 21, 2012


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I'm looking for the "like" button.


Presumably has a bumper sticker that says "My other car is also a rusted out 1991 Nissan Altima."

I didn't realize you had to take the SSAT to get into Walter Johnson these days, but I guess it was inevitable.


I took my son to the SSAT in Feb., had to drive nearly 45 min. to get to the closest testing location (G-town Prep), and being from outer snoburbia (Annapolis area), marveled at the number of diplomatic license plates in the lot.

Dragon Lady

Good for you! We drove old hulks when our kids went to a local prep school. Proud of it, too. After all, it was the education that mattered, not the transportation to get there.

Biblio Angst

" You can't judge a book by it's cover."

Queen of the Weezils

OMG That is awesome!

We have an old pick-up that we use for hauling brush to the dump and things like that. Sometimes I run errands with it on the way back. Here in Outer Snoburbia, it is amazing how many comments I get about it! I was expecting snobby "that's so awful" comments. After all, it's a rust bucket with a rifle rack that gets MAYBE 10 mpg. Instead, I get so many people stopping by to wax nostalgic about it. Who knew three on the tree was so wonderful?

It makes me think that the snoburban excess we all tease about is really a veneer.


This reminds me of how we always take my husband's 1990 Buick with the paint peeling off to Tysons Galleria.


This sounds like reverse snobbery to me.

Queen of the Weezils

I think you're right, Doris! Like how after an article about overpriced extravagant weddings, you get people talking about how they did their wedding on spare change and they are still married after upteen years.

Guilty as charged.


When my husband and I were engaged, I attended a bridal shower at an estate in Potomac. My then-fiance showed up to pick me up in his rusted-out, gray 1979 Celica and the groom's father almost called the cops on him. I still think of it every time I drive down River Road through Potomac.

Queen of the Weezils

When I was learning how to ride a motorcycle, I would often ride through Kentlands. (Technically not Snoburbia Proper, but man do they try.) One middle aged man yelled at me for bringing down property values. At the time I was on a 650cc cruiser-style bike, a single cylinder with stock pipes that sounded no louder than a sewing machine.

Now that I moved up to the world of Harley Davidsons with after-market pipes, I always cut through Kentlands to get to Rt. 28.


Completely OT, but doesn't anyone care about the Capitals (2nd round of playoffs), the Nationals, or the Redskins (just finished drafting)? On a more related note, can you picture Jayson Werth (particularly as he looked during spring training) or Bryan Harper (someone said he looked like a ferret was humping the back of his head) in Snoburbia? I'll give you the clean-cut Zimmerman(n) boys. . .


Oops! I meant Bryce Harper!


His brother is Bryan. A pitcher in the Nats system.

I Don't Get Drunk T-shirt

True, "don't judge the book by its cover". For me old school still rocks. Lol. It's really amazing how these things they call "junk" still impress and leave good impressions on their faces. Nice! I'd rather ride a classic than a new one.

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