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January 20, 2012


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It's more normal for your 11-year-old kid to watch YouTube videos than to study for midterms. It's hard not to be paranoid that you're not doing enough though when you see other parents doing it.


My 11yo loves Nyan Cat too! And several other more inappropriate YouTube sites. But he and my other son (an eighth grader) are well-rounded, thoughtful, and kind. Those are things that will serve them better in their lives than getting an A on a midterm in 6th grade. Preach on, sister.

Family Affair

Is it normal for kids to have midterms in 6th grade? It seems over the top to me.


Mid-terms in 6th grade?!

Bob in Loudoun

My twins are only in second grade so I guess I have a ways to go before I find out what Nyan Cat is all about, but the only abnormal person here is the guy who left the fun event to help his kid study. I feel bad for his kid.

b in Texas

Thank you Bob in Loudoun. My thoughts exactly.


Yeah, but that kid is probably going to go to Harvard Medical School.

Bob in Loudoun

Given what my kids are learning now, I doubt I'll be of much help by the time they're in sixth grade anyway!


I doubt that the parents were telling the truth. I'm sure they believed it at the exact second they said it because they need to feel superior. They're the ones with the problem, not you.

Red Zone Helicopter parent

I would respond but I need to run and coach my son on his third grade "change observation" project. ;-)

Jim Breiling

Come on, the father was just excusing himself.

I'm impressed by the commitment of the physician father to his 6th grader and concurrently to helping develop the capabilities of our future -- our children -- to contribute and to compete in the stiff "the earth is flat" international economic competition. That ALL parents were similarly committed to learning and to helping their children develop their capabilities!

the keylogger

Children all like play ,they prefer watching tv to study ,that is their nature

Bob in Loudoun

College kids prefer watching tv to studying too. 8>D

Kensington resident

There's nothing wrong with going home to make sure your kids are studying for a test. What is wrong with you people?


What is so wrong about a parent trying to make sure his child does his best in a test? And how do you know once the mid term exams are over, the kid won't watch the same you tube videos? Its all about balance, there is nothing wrong if a kid does both-have fun and do that little extra when it comes to studies. No need to make a parent feel guilty about trying to help his/her kid to strive out in academics.

Hilarious Llama t-shirt

True, there's nothing wrong checking your kid's progress in school every now and then. But, the case should be that there should be balance between study and play. We all know their attention span unless they are programmed to study study study. Everything is Cause and Effect - balance should be there.

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