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November 13, 2011


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Dragon Lady

Yeah, everyone makes the honor roll. Says a lot about the school system, eh?


Honor roll kids tend to hang out together.

moco mom

Totally agree. It was uncool to be part of the "A" listers when I was growing up.


Everyone *they* hang around with gets honor roll. Those other people don't count.


I'm sure they're all Gifted and Talented and Advanced.

Dragon Lady

Everyone in MoCo is, MattF. Just ask their parents.


If you lived in the ghetto you would have been shouted down and shunned. If you grew up in a decent area then you would have been admired.


We here in MoCo are desperately in need of a return to solid middle-class American values. I dream of the day when no academic achiever will go unridiculed and we as a people can come together to celebrate what is good and right: totally sick tattoos, purloined boxes of Franzia, and Allen Gregory.

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