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November 19, 2011


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Krazee Kat

First child syndrome? Or, is it due to the fact that parents today have smaller families ( 1 or 2 children) and the world revolves around them? Narcistic personality disorder.

Dragon Lady

Just as the "younger generation" discovered sex, this generation has also had children for the first time ever. You got it right, Krazee, with a twist--narcissistic generational disorder.


It's not just the Moms, the Dads go goofy thinking that their third grader is going to be the next Michael Jordan, or Peyton Manning. "Attaboy Champ! What you scored six touchdowns today in 3rd grade flag football?"

Queen of the Weezils

Heeheehee. In childless by choice circles, this is called "baby-stalking". The parent is fishing for compliments from the rest of the bank customers.


I have three amazing children, and even I think this is just wrong. You don't brag about your children in public; you may tell the truth if asked. And you certainly don't announce it during Mass!

While we're on the subject, however, let me tell you about my kids. . .Hey! Where are you going? Don't run away! Please!

Thrift Store Mama

Oh no. I think I do this loud talking thing.

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