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November 01, 2011


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Classroom volunteer and room parent may not be "desirable," but I found both of them to be extremely rewarding, as did my years as library volunteer. Of course here in Outer Snoburbia we don't have quite so many "former lawyers, journalists, and Ivy graduates." Penn State, University of Indiana, University of Maryland, perhaps.


Interesting. My kid goes to a co-op, where the parents must be a classroom volunteer plus hold one additional job for the school. I chose to work in the sibling nursey, because BABIES! Lots of squishy cheeked babies! A lot of the parents find out where I work and are like, "better you than me." *shrugs* I like it....separation anxiety and all.

Cold as the Rockies

Very Funny!


funny! I have chosen rather unglamorous jobs with the PTA. I have collected money for coaches, and am always surprised at how hard it is to squeeze out some $$ for a coach, especially from people who have vacation homes and luxury cars.


I was a room mother for many years and had the same experience with deadbeat parents and paying for the teacher gift and parties out my pocket. I learned you needed an income to take on volunteer work. Kids loved you though.


Gronup: That was my favorite part - getting to know the kids. Now some of them are in high school and college, and they still call out and say "hi" when they see me.


In reference to your difficulties in collecting money owed, that's called living in the "promised land". Where people promise to pay you next week.....

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