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November 04, 2011


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I too have a dumb phone. Love it. Pay as you go Tmobile. $100/year. No more is necessary.


Call me an ignoramus for I have no smart phone, cell phone, gps, etc. Living in the stone age is working out just fine. Life is good.

David Taylor, MD

I remember when only salesmen had cell phones; we resisted getting cell phones, and continued to use beepers exclusively for a while, because we didn't want to be mistaken for salesmen! Instead we looked like drug dealers.... It's extraordinary that we now talk about elementary and middle school kids having phones that are more powerful devices than the first computer I ever used.


I'm happy to be a Luddite with my non-gps, app, browser, etc on my phone.


Haha, I have a red one just like it! Due for a new one in Dec, but it works just fine.....


Luddite, schmuddite: you phone has a camera built in!
My $30 Trac/Net10 Nokia truly is a "dumbphone." If I don't answer it in time, the phone freezes and I have to turn it off. Still, it's only $15/month, and provides more minutes than I will ever use. That's because I have one of those funny looking phones that has a cord attached to it at home.

Queen of the Weezils

Not the only one - mine is a pretty standard flip phone too. I have a computer at work, a computer at home, a laptop, for what would I need a smart phone? My husband has one and I can see the use - for gps, internet radio, etc - but it's not enough to make it worth it.

Hey, is that the new snoburban thing? Bragging about how retro and behind we are? Because we COULD get a smartphone IF we wanted too, but we don't.....


I finally got a smartphone last year when my old one died. But it was a true relic -- nothing but a phone and not even a color screen. My family insisted talking into my shoe would have trendier.


Millions of people in this country live without smart phones, and Uggs, and braces. We live in a bubble that is so insulated from other ways of life, it is truly frightening.

mistah charley, ph.d.

I wept because my cell phone was dumb, until I saw a person who had no cell phone at all (only a land line).

rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron


Nice one!
Just renewed(downgraded) the contract on one of our family phones to a basic phone - like the one you posted. Can't seem to find them any more!

When my contract comes up for renewal, I am going to get one of those too. We are complicating our lives too much.

And am also planning to ditch the "We're-high-Joneses" of the world and get some cheapo prepaid.

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