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November 28, 2011


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Briggs & Riley has a lifetime guarantee!


I bet if you had to take planes a lot, you'd care more about baggage. Plenty of the cheap stuff has fallen apart-- lost wheels, broken zippers-- just when you have to catch your plane three terminals away. Not worth it! As the French say, "Le bon marché coûte cher." [Cheap things cost more.]

Okay, Tumi is a bit much. But no J. C. Penney for me unless it's just to load in the car.

Landing pattern

What's the point? The airlines end up losing my luggage whether it's expensive or cheap!

Queen of the Weezils

Our luggage was gifted to us by family. If I had to replace it, one thing I would never do is get solid black luggage. Everyone's luggage is solid black! Navy would be just as bad. It's hard to pick out of the carousel. Even tying ribbons to it or splashing paint on the front only goes so far.


Friends in a snoburb in another state were victims of a break in. Stolen from the 16 year old's room: an iPod, iPad and iPhone, as well as his Tumi wallet. What 16 year old boy has/needs a Tumi wallet?!

mistah charley, ph.d.

If that's the Tumi Voyageur Avignon Frequent Traveler, list $495, you can get it for $289 from Amazon.


I've always had great luck with Eagle Creek bags. They are bomb proof, have a lifetime guarantee (the wheels won't fall off), and they're lightweight--a good value for money. Good deals to be found at the online sellers, including free shipping!

As someone who always travels alone, I always try to avoid carrying bags that make me appear to be well off and I bet that where there are crooked baggage handlers who steal from checked luggage, they look in the expensive bags first.


I have Liz Claiborne leopard print luggage (seriously), I bought it at TJ Maxx last year and it travels great. It's also a snap to see your bag on the conveyor belt.

I would also tend to agree with the comment about checking expensive luggage, it's just asking for it to disappear.

Abigail Schoorl

Hmm... This is tough. Perhaps you should go for the one that you think is most durable and stylish at the same time. Also, it would be practical to consider purchasing a luggage that's easy to spot in the conveyor belt. Choosing the best luggage is a meticulous process, since these items should be able to keep up with the traveler's lifestyle.

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