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October 24, 2011


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too funny! i do hope there is some hyperbole going on here. A tea club? I see you are lacking a croquet club.

Queen of the Weezils

The one that strikes me as most snoburban is the word of the day - auspicious.

Yes, the day would be auspicious if I too could afford a spring fling in Italy.


You forgot "the Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Club will meet in room 145 at lunch". Don't believe me? Ask your kids if there is a club like that at their school.


"Would you like to help disadvantaged children in Nepal? The Nepal School Club’s first meeting is on Thursday at lunch in room 138."

I wrote that!

Hello! This is cool... I just happen to be on your blog, looking through articles, and saw school's morning accouncements posted here! I'm the co-president of the "Nepal club" mentioned in the accouncements above, and the writer of that particular accouncement.

Do your kids go to my high school? Maybe I know them...hmmmm

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