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September 28, 2011


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How about the idea that by default, an anything "doodle" is actually just a cross-bred mutt? I mean, we've been getting those kinds of dogs for years... just that they weren't named "doodle"....

Big Dog

While walking our goldendoodle aka mutt, we are often asked, " who's your breeder?". When we explain that our dog was purchased on sale at the local pet store,it kind of kills the moment. Great dog, though!

Queen of the Weezils

You just don't get that question with weezils! It's just assumed that you bought them at a pet store. Fact is, most of mine were adopted from the pound. Papers? I got plenty of papers. They're all vet bills, though....

When I walked my ferrets (yes, they can be walked), I was never asked where I got them. I was asked what they were, however.


People in MoCo are extraordinarily interested in dog breed. My mutt is a dog of many different and undetermined breeds. People in my neighborhood love to play 'guess what she is.' (So far, basset,beagle, austrailian shepherd, border collie, springer spaniel are the most common guesses.) I'm happy enough knowing she's a sweetie pie rescued from the shelter.

Jim Breiling

Adopting seems in. The "origin" of many of the dogs we intercept with is "the dog pound" or equivalent -- "shelter" is the term most frequently used.)


If someone asked me that question, I would look them right in the eye and say "My parents bred me. Who bred you?"

...Or make up an elaborate lie about having been the product of a government lab or a very liberal commune, so you technically don't know who your parents are.


Mine's called a "hump hound".

Three Mutts

While I live in a snoburb of Northern Virginia, I'm afraid my choice of dogs is less than snoburban. We have three big mutts. All landed as young dogs at a shelter/pound. Via a dog rescue organization they came to live with us. Best dogs ever.

Proud Poundog Owner

When a kindergardener, my son proudly informed his class that the prior weekend we adopted a "pounddog".

The neighbor kids couldn'te believe we only paid $20 for her.

She was the third of four "pounddogs" I have owned in my live and they have all been priceless.

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