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August 15, 2011


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It could be worse. I live over on the East Side of Snoburbia. I don't like any kind of wine. I have not been invited to some dinner parties because they don't know what to do with someone whose taste in beverages is WSSC tap water.

ex-snoburb from Olney

But they sell cheap wine at Whole Foods and Roots!! It must be okay, right? RIGHT?!?

B. Blevins

I was laughed out of a local liquor store recently when I asked for "a little Blue Nun" (favorite wine of my college days...).


Trader Joe's Epicuro. About $5.99 a bottle. My favorite. Don't tell.


Too funny. There is a lot of good cheap wine out there. We drink a lot of it at my book club! Rex Goliath is probably the one that shows up the most, which I refer to as the rooster. It's even more classier for snoburbians to serve it in the 1.5 L size.


I suppose this means I shouldn't go looking for Liebfraumilch in Bethesda. "I'd like the vintage without ethylene glycol, please."


I'm with Rocky; I don't like wine unless it's a VERY sweet dessert wine. My husband was told his taste in wine runs to soda pop!
And two of our daughters and their husbands enjoy wine and know it fairly well. . .but they'll still go out with us (especially as we pay. . .)

Queen of the Weezils

I can't have wine. Something with the grapes, the way it is processed, I don't know. But it gives me all the joy of a hangover without even getting drunk first, so I avoid it. But I do like mead (honey wine), and that doesn't bother me at all. Check mead out - it has the same price ranges as wine and then you can say you're a trendsetter.


There's always Trader Joe's "two buck Chuck" (don't look up it's provenance.) Guess it may cost a buck or two more now but ...


Hey at least it's not Thunderbird!

Garden State Soapstone

I just tasted Barefoot Pinot Grigio, you're right! Very good wine :)


Excuse me, but it's not "cheap wine" it's called "table wine". I enjoy a host of local winery's in PA for their free tasting and later my purchasing of wonderful table wines. I can bring home a case for under $100 and it lasts a few months.

Jim Breiling

1 -- Results of "blind tests" should rule

Some stunning results have come from "blind taste tests," e.g., California wines rated better than those of France, and some less expensive wines tasting better than those with with substantial price tags.

Remove the label, or better yet, rebottle (put a less expensive wine into the empty bottle of an expensive one, and see what the comments are. Taste reports can be highly influenced by context.

2 -- spend no more than necessary to enjoy. For me, the best wives have been ones consumed with good company and talk. That's often been when the wine was very inexpensive, e.g., Boone's Farm when the price could have qualified it for sale in a Dollar Store.


Jim - Love the typo in 2! (at least I think it is a typo...). ;)

Agree with the premise. True story: for fun, took a $5/bottle (sale price) to a "friendly" snoburbian wine contest (not sure friendly, snoburbian and contest can all be used in the same sentence, but I digress). Everything was properly decanted and the wine bottles were removed. In the mingling, one of the other "contestants" indicated that she had gone to [uber-class] wine shop, told them what was happening, and "Had them pick me a winner". Don't know how much she paid for her wine, but the $5 wine was the hands down winner. Jaws were dropping everywhere as the winning wine bottle was displayed.



An unambiguous "no." Anyone claiming superior abilities in this case is simply crowing about their own credulity. (I love wine, BTW, but what I like has virtually nothing to do with cost).

plenty fish

must try it : )

Cheap wine

Barefoot Pinot Grigio is really one of the best wines available in the Market. I agree with you on this matter because I am a fan of this wine.

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