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August 31, 2011


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That sign is in need of a hyphen anyway. They were all over Frederick County in the nineties, with the appropriate apostrophe between drug and free.

Queen of the Weezils

We had one installed at my high school the year I graduated. Over the four years I attended, a definite thug element to the school culture had more prevalent. I always figured the sign was best written as "School Free Drug Zone". It fit.

Don't get me wrong, I had some great teachers and went off to college well prepared. But I was also in the honors and AP classes. I heard that the "regular" classes were barely controlled chaos. The hallways and lunchtime certainly were.


this is really funny!


I may be wrong but there are also drug laws that increase the penalties for possession/distribution within a certain distance of a school, and these signs are supposed to be at the distance. So unlike the Nuclear-Free zone signs, these signs are not part of a political/social movement but a legal warning.

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