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August 22, 2011


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Queen of the Weezils

Well, we know at least some of them are staying local from your senior scatter post. Still need mini-fridges and xl twin sheets for Centreville Hall.


You will still see Toms in Potomac. All the Moms wear them here! Fug.


Don't people in Snoburbia say, "My friends and I?" Isn't good grammar found there any more?


Really, Doris? Really? If you're reading this blog with a red pencil in hand, you're reading it for the wrong reasons. I find the ability to poke fun at ourselves and our situations to be a rarer and more refreshing gift than the ability to properly dissect a sentence.


You can't do both?

David Taylor, MD

"I and my friends..." is certainly more poetic, and is perfectly good grammar. Try:

I and my friends
Are feeling wistful around here
At summer's end.

Me and my friends am glad Doris ain't on our case.

-- Dave


Caring about grammar is very snoburban, Doris! Methinks there may be a post in that.

Garden State Soapstone

That post was very meaningful...I'm about to begin my college experience, and this post almost made me tear up. However, I'm still inside an office for my internship. Have a great school year.

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To read a book well, one should read it as if one were writing it

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