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August 27, 2011


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The Washington Post hints at localized shortages of gruyere. Conditions are expected to deteriorate rapidly from here on out. Trained spotters report that the parking lot at Trader Joe's is a major disaster area.

Oh, wait: it's always like that on the weekend.

Queen of the Weezils

My husband was motivated to shop for provisions (I'd eat raw flour before setting foot in a grocery store before a storm) and he came back with Campbell's soup and Chef Boyardee. Dude! No!

Jim Breiling

In other than snoburbia, there is often more openness to those in need, e.g., taking in relatives who have lost their housing (even though the sq. ft. of housing to share is much less than that of homes in snuburbia) and sharing, e.g., a person who has regular power or a generator will share the juice via a strong of extension cords with a neighbor who is without power.

Timberland Boot Store

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