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July 07, 2011


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So you sat there with all the old people? Of course they got it. Most of them knew Hemingway! (j/k) You were the youngest person in the theatre.

You're right about Woody Allen, except who knew Owen Wilson was the new Woody Allen? All his blond, whiny self has been sitting there being Woody all this time!

David Taylor, MD

Owen Wilson? Hmmmm. Could he pen any of Woody Allen's lines? One of my favorites, from Love and Death:

Countess Alexandrovna: You are the greatest lover I've ever had.
Boris: Well, I practice a lot when I'm alone.

Or this classic:

Napoleon: I heard you speaking to someone.
Sonja: Oh, I was praying.
Napoleon: But I heard TWO voices.
Sonja: Well, I do both parts.

So, OK, Owen: bring it on.


i loved that movie too! I saw it after reading The Paris Wife and it was the perfect match. we saw it in our beautifully restored theater. no fresh cookies, the best popcorn ever. we're not talking that gross cineplex stuff.


I hated that movie SO much. Full of I'm-so-smart references to clichéd images of clichéd Paris 1920s figures, proving exactly how shallow Allen's intellectualism runs. He has at least finally figured out he can't make people believe a beautiful young woman is madly in love with him, so he put Owen Wilson in to play himself. Unfortunately Wilson is just as unbelievable as a successful, brilliant screenwriter as Allen himself was as Julia Roberts' love interest. Wilson is, however, totally believable in his role as Woody Allen, because that consists of stammering, acting all embarrassed when beautiful girls keep insisting how brilliant he is, and being wildly enthusiastic about the same writers, musicians and artists as any 15-year-old with half a brain.

The acting, especially the guy who played Hemingway, was good and Allen is still a good screenwriter. Paris looked beautiful. If Allen would stop making himself the centerpiece of his movies, I might start to like them again.

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