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June 14, 2011


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What about "Fresh Fields"? Did that entity die? It was thriving when I left the mid-Atlantic in 1998. Eco-Poseur Heaven!

mistah charley, ph.d.

Swallowed whole by Whole Foods (sometimes kiddingly called Whole Paycheck)

Mmmmmm.  Brains.

OMG, that is entirely too accurate -- and I can't get near a TJ's on the weekends. Word.


Don't worry, inner Snoburbians. I'm not the one taking up space in your parking lot. I love our brand spanking new Harris Teeter out here in Olney and so does my husband. And they're bending over backward to give us good customer service, too!


The parking at the new Rockville store is CRAZY STUPID!

Queen of the Weezils

Hilarious! FWIW, I love going to the Whole Foods in full biker gear. There's something about walking around there wearing the skins of a herd of cows that is so very satisfying. It's also easy to park the bike in that horribly crowded lot.


Or you could live near one and walk. Lots of nice places to live in Silver Spring.


I loved Freshfield's on P Street!!


The Takoma Park Co-Op is even worse, because it's all this, with a teeny parking lot, and annoyingly politically correct too.


Please don't be rap, please don't be rap... D'ooohhhhhhh.

What is it with snoburbians and lazy self-deprecating rap? It just gets more annoying with each iteration...


Cavan wrote:

Or you could live near one and walk. Lots of nice places to live in Silver Spring.

But note that this is a limited time offer. Not the "nice places" part, but the "lots of them", at least at the traditional price points. This year there have been several homes listed at over $1 million as well as more tear-down and deep reno projects. Before you know it, they will start putting down actual bike lanes, and there goes the neighborhood.


There's a Fresh Fields in Kiawah, SC, so they're still around. But it's just like Harris Teeter. When I lived in Olney, I was stoked when Roots opened and we no longer had to go to Whole Foods in Gaithersburg or Rockville. The old one in Rockville was awful. Moved away before the new one opened, but it doesn't sound much better.

Dragon Lady

Just waiting breathlessly for the new Wegman's to be built in Germantown. Now THAT's a cool place to shop!

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Not only drivers but also pedestrians are at risk at the parking lots, especially if they are moving freely in all directions, often together with small children. The highest incidence of accidents is usually characteristic of post office parking lots.

parking at sky harbor airport

This is a part of their accessibility study. Since their last count in 2006-7, there are 20% more parking spaces and 76% more bikes. In the earlier count 42% of spaces were used and in the later one 62% were. So supply isn't keeping up with demand.

Discount Airport Parking

We’re not sure if lightning will strike twice and that Dave can once again parlay this into more commercial appearances, but it at least elicited a chuckle or two from us.

Oakland airport parking

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