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June 07, 2011


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I think it's a DC burbs thing. It was in heavy use when I went to Stone Ridge twenty years ago, and I rarely see it anywhere else.


Ha! Use with caution. I have dark brown hair and learned the hard way that Sun-In works on blondes only. I graduated high school with ORANGE hair:)

From Parkwood

Another Stone Ridge graduate here - that stuff was so popular and definitely responsible for a lot of dry brittle hair of various shades of yellow.


Where do you define outer suburbia


Wow, I can't believe that is still being used, more than 20 years after I tried it. I thought it would be considered low-brow, with highlights from the salon the snoburbia thing to do.


I'm w/ Mike -

What/where is "outer snoburbia" (including outside MoCo)? Is it a defined space, or a state of mind?

Queen of the Weezils

Hmmm....Sun-In only works on naturally blonde or light brown hair, so what does that tell us about the composition of inner snoburbia vs outer snoburbia? That might be why outer snoburbia doesn't carry it!

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