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April 13, 2011


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I think the DC2NY bus currently has more snob appeal than Vamoose for various reasons. It costs a little more but it's really nice. I took it recently when Vamoose was sold out. The only drawback is that Dupont Circle is the closest place to catch it.

Queen of the Weezils

A bus! Gasp! (clutches pearls) You must post after you get there so we know you're okay!

I frequently catch a Ride-On bus to the Metro station. That's two forms of public transit; I must really like slumming. Anyway, I used to take a commuter-only express, which had far more suits and smartphones than jeans and headphones. Now I pick between the local and a less-local, depending on schedule. They have very different crowds. The less-local is a 50/50 jeans/suits mix but the local has definite blue collar appeal. Personally, I don't care about the crowd as long as the bus is on time.


Apparently the Vamoose bus now has a Gold bus, so that some people can be on a higher-level Vamoose.


I guess this isn't the same thing as the Chinatown busses?


If Vamoose creates a Platinum bus with Soft Corinthian Leather seating, individualized climate-control, 46" plasma screen TV running PBS 24/7/365...

...then I'm moving back to DC just to be part of the Platinum Level Ridership.

Public transportation is nice, those poor laboring classes need to get to work on time so that my stock portfolio can grow and mature into something really Nest Eggy.

Please don't call the Vamoose "public," though. That implies such a declasse stance and attitude. Vamoose clearly is for a different calibre of rider -- one accustomed to having someone else do the driving, with that someone else typically dressed in a morning jacket and wonderful chapeau.


Did Amtrak from Snoburbia to NY this week. Did Vamoose last year. Definitely will do Vamoose before the train next time except if it is on the Acela. No wifi on all trains Amtrak trains yet. Bummer. A Snoburbia necessity.


The potential existence of Vamoose Gold would lead to fulfillment of the first law of snoburbia, namely, there must be hierarchies in everything.

Concerning the Weezil Queen's point that even a ride-on bus can be snoburban enough as long as the right people are riding it, the system has noted this as well, which is why you have routes like the 36, and the classy, southern half of the 47. Similarly, when the Purple Line is finished there will be parts of even Silver Spring that will have appropriate public transportation, rather than just more of it than most other places in the county.

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