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April 01, 2011


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The local planet killer

Anywhere that trad Wellies are uncool is not a place for me.

God, I come from rural Texas, and I have them. All my kids have them in sizes up from toddler. It's about manure, people!


I heard that once upon a time rain boots were pragmatic wear for everyone. I'd like to keep my feet dry when it rains too but no one makes rain boots for men anymore. It's a shame that such a simple, pragmatic garment has been appropriated as yet another competitive consumption item by overprivileged females. As if they don't have enough already.

Queen of the Weezils

Sorry - when it rains and I still need to go outside for a long while, I wear my motorcycle boots. They're all-black leather with silver details. It's the tough girl version of rain boots. Yeah, jeans tucked inside (when it rains). I flat-out refuse to own more than a dozen pair of shoes, so there's no way I'm going to get something special for rainy days.

Queen of the Weezils

Forgot to add: I treat the leather so that it repels water. It's not waterproof like the rain boots, but good enough for me.


There is a car commercial my husband loves – a mom with a bunch of kids are running to a car on a rainy day and there is some upbeat song on. Anyway, we asked my son (11) who goes to school with snoberbites or is that snoberbians – what do you think about this commercial. He said that it was unrealistic – because all the kids had rain boots. He said maybe you will have 1 friend that is a momma’s boy and will be forced to wear rain boot but you would never have a whole group.

Corinne Rothblum

Hunters have become the rainy day version of Ugghs. I agree with Cavan that it's unfortunate this practical item the Brits (who know a thing or two about rain) have been wearing forever has become the most recent 'must have' designer label for snoburbanites (and their fashionable DCista counterparts).

Kathy J, Washington Gardener

Love my garden rain/boots and whichever pair I wear I always get lots of comments and compliments.

Men - look into the Irish or English brands, lots of macho versions out there. Start with

Dragon Lady

Got my boots from Costco and they are cute. Didn't cost an arm and a leg either. Oh--I live way north of Snoburbia, but my kids went to school in snoburbia. So there! :P

wellies boots

My daughter just loves this kind of boots and I just bought her 4 pairs of these things but I was just wondering why.

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