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April 08, 2011


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So, yeah. I have seen that kid like a thousand times (except for the therapist's office part). This is not a pretty picture, but a far less pretty picture is the same kid who needs some help, whose "nanny" is his grandmother, and whose school features gang tags and a relaxed dress code. And the therapist is the assistant principal. I have seen that, too. So let's take a moment to appreciate what we have.


Yes, the only choices available for "communities" in America are these two:

1) over-striving obnoxious Yupparents, and

2) decidedly violent criminal thugs who wantonly make babies without remorse.

Clearly it's better to be in (1) if you're a Yupparent, or Yup-parent-to-be.


Queen of the Weezils

Totally, Karl. Like there's no middle ground of sanity. The difference is Justafed's worst case scenario is often driven by making bad choices in a environment and culture that offers few good choices. The snoburban overachievers at least have a few more options!


I totally disagree. There is a vast middle ground of hardworking people who are neither thugs nor yuppies. Their kids neither go to prison nor to therapy. And even good kids from good homes go bad--remember the Landon/UVa lacrosse killer?


So who were you bringing to the therapist?


Hi, Karl. Let me break it down for you.

1) Yes, I do reject the notion that snoburban culture generally leads to a higher number of mental health referrals than we see in places that are less well...insulated.
2) Unbelievably perhaps, I also believe that we see a larger proportion of successful resolutions to these issues in children who come from households with more resources. Go figure!
3) I am something of a voyeur in this blog, since I live in the Red Zone. The frustrating thing about that is that I am *completely cognizant* of the fact that there is a large proportion of people living here and elsewhere who have neither iPhones nor (your fracking words) thugs in the family.
4) But I still will submit to you that there are many, many troubled families out there whose kids do not have access to many things evrybody has in the green zone. So...
5) Spare me both the faux poignancy and the whiney outrage. Okay?


Kids in the red zone get therapy too. And I don't think that every kid in the green zone getting therapy is there because they are being pushed too hard. Things are tough all over...


Have you read The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids by Alexandra Robbins. She is a graduate of a W school (or should I say a WW?), so she's been there. That might explain why some of these kids are in therapy. I highly recommend the book (& my kids went to a school that didn't begin with W).


I don't understand why a grandmother as a nanny is supposed to be a bad thing. Multigenerational households used to be the norm; it's only veeeery recently that they became a "poor" (aka "BAD") thing.

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