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March 01, 2011


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What are you driving?? A tank?

...Then again, I have a honda, and it costs about $30-$40 to fill that up right now.

Barbara Piper

You drive a Honda? You may be IN Snoburbia, but you are not OF Snoburbia. Unless, of course, your Honda is a limited production hybrid. Remember that the D.C. area is the country’s largest market for pricey luxury vehicles; driving in Snoburbia requires either low mileage, high European identity, or ultra high mileage, low availability. And the only thing more snoburban than spending $80 to fill your gas tank would be spending $10.

Queen of the Weezils

At $3.79, a total gas bill of $80.35 means that she bought 21.2 gallons. That's not terribly unusual and doesn't indicate that she drives a tank.

I drive a motorcycle (well, when it isn't too damn cold for it). I can fill the tank from dry to full for under $15 even at today's prices. That's the high dollar high octane stuff too.

Is this the new snoburban thing, oneupmanship over gas savings? I await the scooter rider and bicylist.

All gas mileage comparing aside, I don't roll in on fumes but I don't price shop on gas either. If I need gas, I'll pull in and start pumping before I check the price. I might be a snoburban outcast in my vehicle choice but not in my gas pumping habits!

From Parkwood

Gas has gone up but that's absurd. Don't you live in/near Kensington which has about 5 gas stations within a few blocks including the wonderful full service option behind the Safeway....

Wrong Side of the Tracks

And if you dare to drive about a mile up University and round the corner onto Veirs Mill in most unsnoburban Wheaton, you can get gas for $3.29.


Snort! $3.79/gal is standard pricing in Seattle... show me $3.42/gal! Haven't seen that in a long time!


Why would i venture all the way to outer snoburbia mommy and daddy are willing to pay the $3.79 (full service) AND I can conveniently hop next door and get my Starbucks and Einstein's on my way to school?


Madam, check the facts. The Town of Kensington has not excluded gas stations. I regularly pass by three gas stations on Connecticut Ave. in the heart of the Town of Kensington.


My issue with Snoburbia gas stations isn't the lack of them but how difficult it is to find them. This is where my urban heart cries for the obvious. I like BIG obnoxious signage that says GAS station.
On a seperate note, I have actually started budgeting our gas spending since gas prices began rising. No matter how much is in the tank I stop the pump at $50 per trip. This is an easy measure for me to see how far my money is going. Which lately... isn't far enough.


Yeah, kensignton doesn't lack gas stations. There's the older looking one in front of baskin robbins, there's the one accross from that with the Dunkin Donuts, and then (low and behold) there is the one on the other side next to the urgent care and sub place. Not to mention the one behind safeway or the getty next to CVS on the other side of conneticut and university.

I don't give the station more than $30 at a time, and I use cash only places (like the freestate 1.7 miles up University, on Viers Mill.

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