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February 18, 2011


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CF Oxtrot

What's a "life partner"? Someone you play the board game with? Someone you share the breakfast cereal with? Someone with whom you join in a business operation, for life?

Oh, the snoburban jargon of Enlightened Politically Correct Liberalism version!

You mean, "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" or "husband" or "wife," no?

Euphemism, especially the cold and distant type, makes the world such a warm, welcoming place.


Which DJs, which noises, which acts? Inquiring minds need to know!


You listened a lot longer than I could have to learn all that.


CF Oxtrot, a "life partner" is more than a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" and less than a "husband" or "wife." But I assume you were being facetious.

I think the first time I heard that term was on Friends, when Ross' ex-wife and her "Lesbian life partner" had their ceremony.

Just Some "Folks from NoKes" (Proud N. Kensington 'snoburban' exiles)

I wonder about the call letters of these commercial stations you allude to.

WJFK, perchance? I used to listen to that outlet sometime back during jr. high / early sr. high (early nineties), toward the collapse/contraction of the "Top 40" format in the DC-metro market. My favorite deejay was Cerph (played so-called "progressive" rock & had a very cool sign-off); can't remember what their "zoo" line-up / equivalent was back then. I also remember that weird Watergate guy in their schedule -- G. Gordon Liddy(?) Odd stuff.

Then I discovered (the late great) HFS -- plus the alt/"modern" rock and new wave / late punk I missed out on in the eighties -- and that all changed. (Goodbye Cerph, hello Aqua Man. Au revoir "Casey's Top 40," aloha "120 Minutes.")

Ah, nineties memories.

I'm not really sure why my parents let me listen to that raunchy / rightwing WJFK stuff as I was otherwise an insufferable little eager-to-please striver with very conventional/orthodox lib views.

The NPR fund-raising monotony does drive me dingbats as well. Usually I punish myself by listening to it all the way through, however, particularly when I donate a puny-ish amount.

Yes, I give to my local station

Next time, fire up the computer and listen to the NPR station in some town NOT having their pledge drive! Or, go straight to


Wow you really are a snob.


This may be my favorite post ever. Thank you.


Maybe I'm just anxious to not be too snoburban, but I love Elliot in the Morning and can't stand NPR.

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