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February 13, 2011


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"Tomorrow is Saint Valentine's Day
All in the morn betime,
And I a maid at your window
To be your Valentine.
Then up he rose and doffed his clothes
And opened up the door;
Let in a maid, who out a maid
Ne'er departed more."


Is it OK to like it for your kids? My husband and I don't do anything for V-day. But we had fun making v-day cookies with my kid to bring in to daycare and helping him choose cards for each of his daycare buddies.

Does that get the snoburban OK? Or is it still gauche?

The local planet killer

Nikki, you are fine as long as you did one of two things: (1) made the valentines out of acid-free, recycled paper and expensive crap from the craft store, or (2) bought the very worst premade ones you could find - with the irony completely intact, and shared by your preschooler.

Damn it, I've always like the cards for the kids, too. ;)

Queen of the Weezils

Wow, mostly I just observe snoburbia from within* but not as part of the subculture but this one I'm firmly on the trend. Valentine's Day is for suckers. Besides, for us it falls between our wedding anniversary and our first date anniversary, and I think those are far more romantic occassions to celebrate.

* Okay, technically our corner of MoCo isn't snoburbia. More like wannabe snoburbia, or lesser snoburbia, or just one income bracket away from snoburbia.

the next Prescott Niles

Yes, making potato-print valentines with my daughter for her tiny peers was genuinely enjoyable. But otherwise I'm with the snoburbans on this one.


I hate those heart necklaces and was never really a fan of VD. But my husband insists on liking it, and he gets me something every year. And I will get some valentinesy dessert for my kids tonight.

I'm in snoburbia adjacent, so I guess it's okay that I both like it and hate it at the same time?


I love the kid part of Valentine's Day - the candy hearts, the Be Mine cards in little envelopes, the school party. The adult version is too much.

Snob Mob

Thank goodness Valentine's Day is over! Hated it when single - really hate when married. Seriously stupid "holiday." Doris... what the... really?

Born a Snob

Hey Doris - your Olney is showing.


What, Born a Snob? People from Snoburbia don't recite Shakespeare?

Just Some "Folks from NoKes" (Proud N. Kensington 'snoburban' exiles)

"People from Snoburbia don't recite Shakespeare?"

They delegate recitation of the "classics" to their prepster brats. They tend to like quoting dudes like Malcolm Gladwell or Paul Krugman instead.

The only eminently quotable valentine I can abide by:

My Bloody Valentine

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