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January 05, 2011


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Is it bad that I own one and it is not a North Face and I am under the age of 35?? What does this make me? A pre-snoburian? Although, I don't know if I can call myself this, as I do not live in your part of Snoburia.


Heh. Yes, I have one. Hilarious! It is brown, because I'm the earthy natural type.


Shoot. I was going to get one of those...but honestly NOT for the sake of being a true Snoburbian (God knows!), but because wintertime is so horrible and I want all-over coverage. No matter. I will freeze in silence.


Floor length is better.
No one knows what's under there.
Just wear some lipstick.

The harsh winter wind
blew open her long down coat.
Are those pajamas?


Truth is, I realllly want one...

kelly moser

OH NO I was not aware North Face was OUT!!!!! ( my college age daughter swears it is still in) Oh please Oh please what brand should I adorn my middle age bod in??? I promise to return my oh so thrifty warm Lands in Coat ASAP Do tell

Middle-age mom in Fairfax County

LOL, guilty as charged!


Montcler! Thee puffy coat of the season and if truly a fashionista, it must be black and shiny.

PMM in K-town

The puffy down North Face coat is soo Wheaton Plaza and has been for years!


When snob-urbia is at 7000 ft North Face is never out.

Queen of the Weezils

Hahahahaha! I have been considering buying one of those (black, naturally) because my old military coat that I usually wear sticks out too much. That wool keeps me warm, though.


North Face is classic and will never go out of style, especially for college kids living in cold climates!!


haha, I am not yet 35 but I am getting the same thing at Garnet Hill b/c I need something to wear in the snow vs my peacoats and nice work coats.


Guilty as charged. I own a mid-thigh and a belted full length one.

Kensington VegHead

It is so funny that you posted this! Just last weekend I commented to my husband how many woman are wearing those long down coats... we both agreed that they are not very attractive and rather unflattering... looks like they are walking around wrapped in a down comforter. Love your blog.

Snob Mob

Very funny! Those coats are every where - and they are so ugly! They look like someone cut the bottom of a sleeping bag and called it a coat. Sorry ladies - may be warm - but not a good look. No, you do not look like the model in the picture.


Question: I live in Olney, which I know is not snoburbia. Is it "Wheaton Plaza" or is it something in between? Please advise (moving is out of the question, but I want to know where I belong). Daughter lives in Arlington. Is that Snoburbia South?


Doris - Olney is squarely in between Snoburbia and Wheaton Plaza. There are a few snoburbia wannabees in Olney, but they are vastly outnumbered (and are kidding themselves).


ery funny! Those coats are every where - and they are so ugly! They look like someone cut the bottom of a sleeping bag and called it a coat.


HA! That is funny... the whole Olney and non-snoburbia... I moved from Wheaton to Olney... and miss Wheaton, because the people in Olney scare me with their snobbiness. Now maybe it's because I'm a teen, or maybe its the fact that I grew up in Wheaton, but when I'm in the Hallway going to class (Sherwood, gahhh!) I honestly feel like I've just stepped into Monkey Mall. For every kid that doesn't have something North Face, there are 5 kids (or more) that do. As well as UGGs and Leggings as pants... and I'm sick of it. (I'm also sick of the kids that drive brand new/somewhat new cars (think 2005 to later models).

There are several BMW's, Mercedes, Volvo's in the student parking lots, and I think I even saw a Jaguar.

I will never get one of those coats... mainly because I don't plan on living anywhere that requires me to have more than a light windbreaker jacket/rain coat.


This is hilarious. I actually own one because after living in Chicago,I had to buy one to survive my commute. It doesn't have North Face on it, mine is black, and rather unattractive if you ask me, but a medical necessity. I'm slightly under 35 and live in MoCo. I hate to admit it, but I have a lot of these snoburbia traits.

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