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January 01, 2011


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My parents (who live in an environment similar to your hometown) have noticed a related phenomenon when they visit me in snoburbia: "People stand so close and talk so quietly here! Back home we just yell."


I grew up in a rural place and now live adjacent to snoburbia in Wheaton. Where I grew up, people would accuse you of being homosexual is you got closer than table-length. As you can imagine, no teenage boy (regardless of his actual sexual orientation) in mid 1990's hickville wanted to be called that because you'd be taunted mercilessly until you escaped from that shit-hole of a place.

Then again, you got called a "f-g" if you got good grades. Your observation about personal space in the outback says more about them than snoburbanites. The snoburbanites have it closer to normal and healthy and the folks in the outback are just trying to protect themselves from the slurs of the many mouthbreathers among them.

Queen of the Weezils

It's because it's so densily populated here. We get used to being so close because there is no other choice. I don't like it either!


This is a real cultural shibboleth. The Japanese stand much further apart than Americans when they are waiting in line, and the French stand much closer than Americans. Most people from around the Mediterranean don't seem to think they are really in line unless they are actually touching your back.

Many times here in Paris I have seen Japanese tourists waiting in line for something and a French person will go stand in front of them because the Japanese are so far apart that the French person doesn't know they're waiting!

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