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December 17, 2010


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1. Overheard at cocktail party: "When my mom bought me my FIRST pair of Manolog..."

2. Overheard at ladies' lunch: "I love your shoes!" "They're Prada, but I bought them because they are so comfortable."


Pradas ARE comfortable. They're my most comfortable shoes. They're more comfortable than my sneakers. The orthopedist even recommended them to me.

Made by a woman, of course.


But then again, they SHOULD be comfortable. Because of how much they cost and all. :) I mean, it would be really weird if the were wicked expensive and uncomfortable.


It is obscene to spend that much money on shoes.


That's just tacky. On so many levels.


If I were ever to spend so much on a pair of shoes (which I wouldn't), they would be Christian Labourtins because of the distinctive red soles. No one would have to ask me what kind they were!

The local planet killer

Hon, that is the shoe equivalent of turning over the plates on the table to check the mark. Srsly. Clearly money can't buy class.


I've never even heard of this brand - her attempt to impress would have been lost on me!


Well, let's see... My shoes are made by someone named "N".


As a shoe enthusiast I so find this cute. My frugal nature however won’t allow me to purchase any high end product at full price. The fun in bragging isn’t just the name but saying that I got it for a great deal. Alright shoe divas, imagine telling a friend about the new Givenchy pumps you purchased for under $100. I do the same thing for clothes. I love getting things from sample sales at insanely discounted prices. I know it may not be snoburbian to wear last season’s Dolce and Gabbana but I don’t mind if it saved me a few hundred bucks. When I last checked there was a Loehmann’s in Montgomery County so I’m not alone in my pursuit to save money.

DiPaola Momma

Ah I think she was actually expecting you to drink wine from it. Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1982 no doubt.


Louboutins, while all the rage, really hurt your feet (and they tend to be high heels). Other types of expensive, yet uncomfortable shoes: Jimmy Choos and Manolos.


On the 2/15 episode of Detroit 1-8-7 one of the clues was a stain from a pair of Labourtins in the snow by the victim. Yes, Labourtins in Detroit! I couldn't believe that (a) the killer could afford them and (b) the killer would wear them out in the snow!

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