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December 12, 2010


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It's a better hospital. It's not always about being a snob. Sometimes it's just about better.


Holy Cross. People use it as a doctors office so god forbid you have a real emergency issue.


We've been to Holy Cross for pediatric emergencies twice. The staff is uniformly professional, with excellent care. Our pediatrician - in Chevy Chase - says Holy Cross is better for pediatric emergencies.


I agree, Charlene, Holy Cross is an excellent hospital. Not sure what N's beef is.


They probably got a load of your fancy doorknobs and knew where you belonged.

dan reed!

Do social strivers wasting away in hospital beds at Suburban Hospital dream of being treated at Sibley, just to say they could go there?


PGproud - ouch! [wince]


The hospital where I delivered my youngest is on the fringes of Snoburbia (Montgomery General) and I had great service there.


Both my children were born at Holy Cross Hospital. To me and my non-snoburban lady parts, it was downright posh.

But let me get this straight. An ambulance will take a Kensington resident to Sibley or is it Suburban we're talking about? Forgive my ignorance.

Queen of the Weezils

I hope whatever emergency that resulted in the ambulance call turned out okay!

As for me, I had a big motorcycle accident. I was fine - as fine as anyone can be after totally a motorcycle at highway speeds - but I did need to be treated for road rash and a couple of non-serious gashes and sprains. I was carted off to Shady Grove, the closest hospital. After I got my biker jacket off, they spotted road rash on my belly where the jacket rode up when I finally skidded to a stop. Instantly I was forced to lay down on the gurney and we were carted off to Suburban. Apparantly, road rash on abdomen (as opposed to legs, which is why I called the ambulance) means trauma, and Suburban has the better trauma unit.

Lesson learned: All leather all the time.


Never really thought to much about hospitals until I had to visit a family member who had recently had a liver transplant at GW. Having never been there before I presumed clean, urban, professional environment. What I experienced was none of that. Considering this was supposed to be an exclusive facility for their ability to conduct such transplant, I truly counted down the days until they let my family member return home. This wasn't me being a snob (or maybe it is) but I do think for surgeries of that nature high line facilities and care are paramount.


HA i was born at Sibley. Destined for Snoburbia living.


PGProud - An ambulance will take you to any hospital in the area, as long as the ER is not ambulance divert. The EMTs or Paramedics may suggest certain facilities for certain specialties, eg. strokes, traumas, peds...


I don't get it. Sibley? It's not a great emergency hospital. It's great for scheduled operations but they helicopter people away that have big emergencies. Suburbian is supposed to be the area's best trauma hospital. but ambulance folks don't tend to be snobby elitists so maybe they were trying to be helpful and take you to the hospital that was best suited for your problem. Sounds like you're looking for snobbery where it might not exist.


When my friends get alcohol poisoning, I prefer for them to go to Suburban Hospital. Its super convenient (in the heart of snoburbia) and they have an above average gift shop.

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