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November 06, 2010


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I just discovered your blog and am really struggling with how I feel about it. I think I feel affirmed but will probably know in after a few more posts. I don't have kids but I think I am a snob and always have been. After reading some post election day letters to the editor, I've decided that I really can't apologize for voting for a non-legacy Harvard guy. I really do like brie, prefer PBS over CBS police procedurals, and would rather die than go bowling! Some of us really are just that way! My husband bakes bread and it truly is so much better than anything at the Walmart deli.


Great online chat on Friday! One thing that jumped out at me was this part of a question...

"I've now landed in MoCo - a less snoburban location"

If MoCo is less, what areas are more snoburban? Are there really places in the Midwest that are more snobby? (And like you mentioned, if they existed, would MoCo care?)


Re: Modern Family pre-school moment. This happens in Alexandria with lacrosse camp. No one tells you they are signing up their daughter. Why help out the competition?

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