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November 11, 2010


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Charles D

A real nail biter -- Will your child be allowed into the elite college that will bury both of you in mountains of debt for decades to come, or will your child be forced to attend a state college that has been decimated by budget cuts and political interference with the faculty? In either event, that will not be the end of it because your kid will need at least a Master's degree to compete for one of the few jobs that won't have been outsourced to Asia by 2016. Ahhh, the American Dream!


Heh, you too, a senior in high school, live in Kensington? If your kid goes to WJ I wonder if s/he knows my kid.

We visited St Marys College a week or so ago. The admission counselor was adamant that parents check with individual colleges about whether there's a competitive advantage choosing ED. He said that in 90% of schools, there is none, so if there's not, why bind yourself to that yes or no?


My Senior actually received his 1st acceptance letter w/ a scholarship offer 3 weeks ago. He is "1st generation" as neither his father nor I attended a 4 yr college ( imagine that considering we went to a local "w" high school!) To be honest, we all get a kick out of the fact that if he chooses this particular school, he will be the 1st from his "w" school to go there.


but I think you mean stuck with your "safety" school, don't you?

usually it's not too bad... life goes on


But what a relief if your ED school is the one you really want to attend. It was for my youngest.

suzanne hill

It is family values that really matter:
oldest son went to Western Maryland College (now has a different name) from there he achieved greatness at Microsoft, retiring with his many millions at 41 and 1/2 - now pursuing fine art. Daughter graduated law school at Wash.College of Law at AU - now heads up mid-size successful lawfirm in S.Diego and lives one door from the ocean on Coronado; youngest son graduated Colorado State and now doing extremely well in computer sales - doesn't seem to matter in the end where they go to school but their character - that's what does it in the end. No ivy-leaguer's - do get too worked up about where he/she goes to school.

Suzanne on St. Simons

suzanne hill

obviously I meant to say DON'T get too worked up about what school he/she is to attend.


Hibijibi writes(awesome screen name, btw):

but I think you mean stuck with your "safety" school, don't you?
usually it's not too bad... life goes on

Actually, I think the Snoburbanist did mean "reach" school. You generally apply ED to a school that you think prostrating yourself will mean you might just get in. Once that doesn't happen, then you move down the hierarchy and hope your reach, match, or, if all else fails, the dreaded "safety" schools work out. Nobody in Snoburbia goes straight from ED to safety.


Snoburbia writes:

No, no - not that ED, not the one in those creepy ads where silver-haired couples are holding hands and smiling knowingly.

Uh...actually, I certainly know some families where the college-related ED thing could lead to images of silver-haired couples holding hands and smiling knowingly. Maybe Kaplan should do an add camapaign on this thme. Example diaglog:

"Oh really? Noah was just accepted Early Decision at Princeton." (Cut to picture of a couple with some silver hair anyway holding hands and smiling knowingly.)

OK, so that might not be in the best taste, but bragging about where your kids got into college rarely is.


Snoburbia writes:

I want to talk to you about... ED. No, no - not that ED, not the one in those creepy ads where silver-haired couples are holding hands and smiling knowingly.


OK, so actually I know some families where the college ED thing could get just about as creepy. I wonder why Kaplan or somebody hasn't already done this yet. Sample dialog:

"Oh really? Well, Noah was just accepted Early Decision at Princeton. I'm sure that Delaware will work out just fine for your Zach." (Cut to shot of the couple with at least some silver hair gazing knowingly at each other.)

Not in very good taste, I will admit, but neither is most bragging about where your spawn just got into college ED, and yet, here we are.

Do not reply, thanks.

So, they really are stretching things a bit (those OVERachievers) in snoburbia!


I have to say I'm just stunned how people post here the very same attitude which the blog satirizes. Those who are posting that it doesn't matter what school you go to your kid can still make a zillion dollars do so as if they're not part of snoburbia and aren't status obsessed like "those other people". The point is the focus on materialism and defining success by the size of one's bank account. If you do that, you're still clearly part of snoburbia and worthy of the satire.

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