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June 14, 2010


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Tom A.

You should have said, Exeter? Never heard of it."


In the 80s, lax was big in New England public schools, too, so big whoop-de-doo for him.

CF Oxtrot

Summer, 1989, Montgomery Co MD. Summer league lacrosse. I played on a team with two friends who went to Gonzaga and then Marquette. Also on our team were 3 guys who went to Yale. The Elis wanted to play in their Yale jerseys, despite the fact that the league handed out fine yellow t-shirts for our team to use. So eager to lord over others. They laughed at us Jesuit school boys until we actually demonstrated skills worthy of sharing the field. But they never gave up their quest for Yale dominance.

Bo Hika

Gag... you do a fine job of stomaching these people. All in the name of scientific inquiry I guess.

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