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November 22, 2009


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dan reed

At formerly-snoburban Blake High School we played a prank on neighboring Springbrook at Homecoming by planting a tree on their football field and encasing it in concrete. Or so I was told freshman year. Now that I think of it, this makes absolutely no sense.


Yeah - WJ kids still say someone put an actual cow on the roof, but I think that's apocryphal.

Kathy J, Washington Gardener Mag

During my years at Seneca Valley HS, senior pranks included a live pig in the library, stealing a Bob's Big Boy statue and placing at the front school sign, and releasing a sack of green-dyed lab mice in the cafeteria during lunch. I witnessed the latter two - sorry to say I missed seeing the live pig.
I never heard the WJ cow stories - I'm going to ask around.

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