First off, it’s pronounced snob-burbia, not snow-burbia. It’s a play on the words “snob” and “suburbia.”

Snoburbia is what I call the snobby world we inhabit in the Washington, D.C. inner suburbs. But these snobbish enclaves of overachievers exist all over the world, especially adjoining the largest cities of the U.S., Australia, and Canada.

In snoburbia, we have normal lives like everyone else. Like every other parent, we attend all of our children’s lacrosse and field hockey games. We compete with other parents to see who can bring the most – and the healthiest – snacks or volunteer to coach the most teams. And we help our 4th graders cram for the SAT.

Like normal kids everywhere, the teenagers of snoburbia spend their summers competing at $4,000 sports or music camps, re-reading Preparing for the AP Calculus Exam, or sequencing the genome of a bacterium during their NIH internships (to prepare for Intel, you ninny!)

No matter where they are, the snoburbs have similar and defining characteristics that just beg to be captured in a pithy, snarky blog [and adjoining t-shirt website, snoburbia.com, launching late 2008.]


contact: lydia [at] snoburbia [dot] com